News Diablo 4's Beta: A Darker, More Story-Driven Take on the Series

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The beta for Diablo 4 has been released, giving players a glimpse into the darker and more story-driven take on the series. With its revamped tone and emphasis on storytelling, the game is a gripping revitalization of the franchise, albeit one that can be self-conscious about past accusations of cartooniness.

The Game's Introduction
Diablo 4's introduction is a treat to behold, with its gorgeously impressive CGI cutscenes setting the scene for what's to come. The new (old) tone of the game is apparent from the outset, though it can be self-conscious about past criticisms of its cartooniness.

Setting and Story
The game's story is well-established in the beta, with players exploring snow-blasted wastelands and a rundown village with a hermit voiced by Ralph Ineson. Diablo 4 focuses more on storytelling this time around, with long cutscenes and evocative dialogue from NPCs.

Questing and Exploration
The beta covers the entirety of the Act 1 area, which is a sizable and varied landmass with areas worth exploring. There's also no level gating, allowing players to try their hand at fighting against foes that far outmatch them if they fancy it.

Atmosphere and Graphics
Diablo 4 is a darker game than its predecessor, with a noticeable shift towards more atmospheric and darker visuals. The game feels self-conscious about being taken seriously, though this is offset by its genuinely gorgeous graphics that evoke a sense of place and history.

Side Quests and World Events
The game offers various mini dungeons, side quests, world events, and bosses alongside ambient mobs and stashes to find. The side quests offer a clever compromise between a classic CRPG side quest and Diablo's hack-and-slash gameplay.

Diablo 4 is dressed to the nine (circles of hell) in blasphemous finery.

Overall, the beta for Diablo 4 shows promise for the series' future, with its revamped tone and emphasis on storytelling giving it a fresh take that fans of the series are sure to enjoy.

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