News Have A Nice Death Leaves Early Access with New Additions

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Have A Nice Death, an action-packed game that combines dark art and quick-slashing combat, has recently left early access after a year of updates. The 1.0 release brings exciting new additions, including a final area, a new boss, and the end of the game's storyline. If you're a fan of Hollow Knight, Hades, or Dead Cells, you're in for a treat.

A Unique Setting and Narrative
Have A Nice Death is set within the cavernous, procedurally generated departments of Death Inc. Players take on the role of an overworked Death who has to tidy up the mess created by their incompetent employees. It's a unique and intriguing setting that's brought to life with stunning visuals and engaging storytelling.

A Game That Keeps on Giving
If you're worried that Have A Nice Death is just another roguelike game, don't be. Death can't die, and the powers you unlock on each run carry over to the next. This means that even if you're not doing well, you're still growing stronger. However, the game is designed to balance things out, so your enemies may also grow stronger, or items may become more expensive. It's a game that keeps on giving and keeps you on your toes.

More Stuff to Fight, Upgrade, and Collect
Ed played Have A Nice Death at the time of its initial release and thought it had potential, but it needed more content. After a year of updates, the game now has plenty of new things to fight, upgrade, and collect. The 1.0 release alone adds five new enemies, a new boss, a new mini-boss, three new spells and cloaks, 30 new curses, and new pickups. There's a lot of new content to discover, making it an exciting time for both new and returning players.

Get Your Copy Now
Have A Nice Death is currently available on Steam for £19.79/$22.49 with a 10% launch discount. Don't miss out on this thrilling game that has left early access with exciting new additions.
"It probably has more of those things after a year of updates." - Ed
Overall, Have A Nice Death is a game that's worth checking out for its unique setting, engaging storytelling, and exciting new additions. With its launch out of early access, it's the perfect time to jump in and experience all that the game has to offer.

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