News Mercenaries mode arrives in Resident Evil 4 remake in two weeks

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Resident Evil 4 remake has finally launched, and it's packed with new features to explore. But, if you're already thirsting for more action, the good news is that the Mercenaries DLC mode will be added for free on April 7th.

Mercenaries mode is a long-standing feature of the Resident Evil series, where players must fight off waves of infected within a time limit and strive for high scores. It's unclear how the mode will function in the remake, but it's likely to involve score chasing and visceral combat, given the remake's focus on realistic combat mechanics.

According to Liam, a resident Resident Evil expert, the combat in the remake is "secured firmly down to earth" with a "surprising sense of weight." However, the enemies in Mercenaries will be "quick" and "dangerous," so players will need to be on their toes.

While fans wait for the Mercenaries mode to arrive, there's plenty of pre-release hype to indulge in. For example, there are anime shorts that reimagine Leon's adventure with Ashley as a childlike romp. There are also mods available, including one that pits you against Shrek. And for those who've already begun their descent into the game's horrors, there are guides available for weapon and locked drawer locations, as well as recommended settings for PC and Steam Decks.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available on Steam for £50/€60/$60. If you're still on the fence, you can try the free demo before deciding whether to buy. Don't miss the Mercenaries DLC mode arriving in two weeks' time, and get ready to roundhouse kick some infected!

"Mercenaries mode differs from game to game, but it usually involves slaying zombies within a time limit and fighting for high scores, as was the case with the original Resi4." - Fraser Brown, PC Gamer.
"The combat feels secured firmly down to earth, with a surprising sense of weight." - Liam Dawe, GamingOnLinux.

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