Features PowerWash Simulator: The Muckingham Files Update

PowerWash Simulator, the popular game about cleaning, has just released their latest free content update, 1.2 The Muckingham Files. This update expands on the Mauka Aitu desert region, where you clean an ancient statue and an old steam train, by adding a solar water plant and a huge satellite dish to your cleaning duties. And, as it turns out, the area is also home to some "advanced technology."

In addition to the new cleaning challenges, the free DLC also includes a dirty food truck in a plant-filled recreation ground. But that's not all! FuturLab, the developers of PowerWash Simulator, have even more in store for 2023.

According to their roadmap, their next update will be a paid DLC, followed by another round of free content and a second paid DLC in the autumn. Then, towards the end of the year, there will be free seasonal content and a third paid DLC. Each of the free expansions will reveal "more of Muckingham and its stories," while the paid DLC will travel "outside of the Muckingham universe to all sorts of new and exciting places."

Now, you might be wondering why a game about cleaning up is generating so much excitement. But, as it turns out, PowerWash Simulator was one of the favourite games of 2022. And with the addition of new areas to explore and expanded bonus jobs, the game is sure to continue delighting fans.

Here are some of the key features of the new update:
  • Explore new areas: In addition to the Mauka Aitu desert region, you can now clean a solar water plant and a huge satellite dish.
  • Expanded bonus jobs: The update adds supplementary stories to the already-existing bonus jobs from the base game.
  • Bug fixes: The update includes some bug fixes to improve your gameplay experience.
If you're a fan of PowerWash Simulator or just looking for a fun and relaxing game, be sure to check out the latest free content update. And keep an eye out for the upcoming paid DLCs, which promise to take you to new and exciting places beyond the Muckingham universe.
As FuturLab says, "there's always something new to clean!"

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