News Sons Of The Forest Adds a Sick New Vehicle in Latest Patch

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If you thought a peaceful stroll through the woodland in Sons Of The Forest was calming, think again. The game's latest patch has taken things up a notch with the addition of a totally rad new vehicle, along with other exciting tweaks and features that are sure to enhance your gaming experience. So buckle up, because we're about to dive into the highlights of Sons Of The Forest's third patch.

Introducing the Knight V - The Ultimate Ride
The Knight V (v for five) is the new rideable vehicle that's stealing the spotlight in Sons Of The Forest's latest patch. It's a one-wheeled mechanical marvel that resembles a skateboard or those viral self-balancing Segways without the handles. With the Knight V, you can zip through the forest with ease, leaving mutant cannibals in the dust. Watch the gameplay of Knight V and be amazed by its speed and agility. Whether you're exploring the vast wilderness or trying to outrun danger, the Knight V is your ticket to a thrilling and efficient mode of transportation.

More Exciting Features
The Knight V is just the beginning of the new additions in Sons Of The Forest's latest patch. Here are some other exciting features that await you:
  • Nightvision goggles: Enhance your visibility during the dark hours and navigate through the forest with ease.
  • Solar panels in the construction system: Harness the power of the sun to generate energy and fuel your base-building endeavors.
  • Buildable spring trap: Set up traps to catch cannibals, and even trigger them while riding the Knight V, launching yourself into the air for an adrenaline-pumping escape.
But it's not just about the new additions, the patch also includes some quirky and interesting tweaks that add a touch of humor to the game. Patch notes like "dead babies now have buoyancy in water," "can now pick up and throw puffy dead bodies," and "Mr. and Mrs. Puffton clothes now burn up when they are burned" are sure to make you chuckle and wonder about the practicality of these changes.

Kelvin Gets an Upgrade
For those who have grown fond of Kelvin, the friendly character in Sons Of The Forest, you'll be pleased to know that he has received some tweaks in this patch as well. Kelvin can now pick up all types of arrows and drop the proper types, and you can actually see him carry them. It's a small but meaningful improvement that adds more immersion to the game and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

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If you're looking for more guidance and entertainment in Sons Of The Forest, the RPS guides crew has got you covered. They have an interactive map that can assist you in navigating the game's world. Plus, for some fun and unique perspectives, you can check out Rachel's blueberry empire, AliceB's comparison of the game to a noughties b-movie thriller, and Ollie's review of the game.

In conclusion, Sons Of The Forest's latest patch has brought exciting new features, including the Knight V, a thrilling ride that adds a new dimension to gameplay. Along with other tweaks and improvements, this patch promises to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable and immersive. So gear up, hop on the Knight V, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in the forest!

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