News The Best Games of 2022: Insights from the GDC and IGF Award Winners

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The Game Developers Choice (GDC) and Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards are highly respected ceremonies that recognize outstanding achievements in the video game industry. The winners are chosen by experts and peers in the field, making these awards one of the most prestigious honors a game developer can receive. This year's ceremonies were no different, with many deserving developers taking home the top prizes for their hard work and creativity. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the winners and explore what they have to say about their games and their peers.

IGF Awards
The Forest Quartet - Mads & Friends (Excellence In Audio)
The Forest Quartet, developed by Mads & Friends, was awarded the Excellence in Audio award at the IGF Awards 2023. When asked about his reaction to winning the award, Mads Vadsholt, the director of The Forest Quartet, expressed his surprise and gratitude. He also shared that winning the award has given him a newfound confidence in pursuing his next project.

If Vadsholt were to give away his award to another game in his category, he would choose Dome Keeper for its excellent sound design, particularly the work of sound designer Martin Mathiesen Kvale.

Betrayal At Club Low - Cosmo D Studios (Nuovo Award)
Cosmo D Studios won the Nuovo Award for their game Betrayal At Club Low. When asked about his lucky foodstuffs, Greg Heffernan, also known as Cosmo D, revealed that he enjoys eating onigiri on the weekends. He then gave a shoutout to Flan Falacci, the creator of Titantic II: Orchestra For Dying At Sea, and expressed his admiration for the work Falacci is doing.

If Heffernan had to give away his award, he would choose to give it to Falacci as well.

Potionomics - Audience Award
The Potionomics team took home the Audience Award for their game. When asked which game they would give their award away to, co-founder Aryo Jati Darmawan was diplomatic and said that all the games nominated were fantastic and deserving of the award. However, he singled out RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright as a particularly cool game that he admires.

GDC Awards
Betrayal At Club Low - Cosmo D Studios (Seumas McNally Grand Prize)
Cosmo D Studios was also awarded the Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Betrayal At Club Low at the GDC Awards. Heffernan expressed his gratitude for the award and his admiration for the work of his peers in the industry.

If Heffernan had to give away his award, he would choose to give it to another game called The Longing, which he says is a game that he finds fascinating and has a unique concept.

It Takes Two - Hazelight Studios (Game of the Year)
It Takes Two, developed by Hazelight Studios, was awarded Game of the Year at the GDC Awards. Josef Fares, the game's director, was thrilled to receive the award and thanked his team for their hard work and dedication.

If Fares had to give away his award to another game, he would choose to give it to Death's Door, developed by Acid Nerve. Fares expressed his admiration for the game's art style and design and said that it was a standout game for him.

The winners of the 2022 GDC and IGF Awards are all talented developers who have created outstanding games that have captured the hearts of players and their peers. While it is interesting to see which games won the awards, it is also enlightening

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