Debate The Importance of Cinematics in Video Games

Numerous aspects of gaming keep us interested. The cinematic cutscenes many of us see in video games play an important role in the gaming industry.

Video games evolved into works of art from their eight-bit origins, and part of the experience many gamers know is the programmed cinematics. Cutscenes and interludes where characters interact with each other are important parts of today's gaming experience, and we must understand their importance to appreciate the art of video games. Read on for more information on why cinematics are important in video games.

The Evolution of the Cutscene​

Space Invaders II and Pac-Man introduced commercial interludes with the main character interacting with the enemy and gave players an interesting graphic before jumping back into the action. In 1983, Bega's Battle by Data East Corporation used full-motion video to show gamers anime-style cutscenes, which furthered the story and gave more depth to the characters. These cutscenes would lay the foundation for future companies to model their games with cinematics and encourage gamers to keep playing.

Some of the best cinematics come from the heart and soul of actors and actresses such as Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in The Last of Us video game or Nolan North's many performances throughout the Uncharted series. Cinematics in video games are important for the art of voice acting to shine through the screen and reach players.

During an in-game cinematic, the true potential of voice acting will shine without the extra actions in the background. Gamers will feel like they are in the movie theater when a cinematic cutscene stops the gameplay and allows them to sit back and watch the development of characters and games.

The Benefits of Adding Cinematics to Games​

Plot Development​

The plot is an essential element of a good game. Even some PvP-focused games will have story elements and background for why the game has the mechanics and characters it does. Cinematics are important for a game to drive the plot forward and give gamers another interesting feature to focus on.

If players only find parts of the story through the plot, the game may become exhausting after juggling gameplay and trying to piece together a story, depending on how you play. A cinematic cutscene involving characters will show players the setting and plot of the game.

A Brief Interlude for Graphic Design​

Some games may feel challenging and make us anxious about future obstacles. Cinematics supply a brief moment when we only need to pay attention to what's happening on the scene. Video games in the last decade focused on better graphics and improved movement at a high frame rate.

These great graphics and voice acting create a wonderful blend that captivates players. Cinematics provide a break from the intense gameplay and allow players to appreciate the visual artistry of the game. It also gives game developers the opportunity to showcase their skills in graphic design and create visually stunning scenes that enhance the overall gaming experience.


In conclusion, cinematics play a crucial role in modern video games. They have evolved from simple interludes to complex and immersive cutscenes that drive the plot forward, showcase the talents of voice actors, and provide a break from intense gameplay for players to appreciate the visual artistry of the game. As gaming continues to advance, cinematics will likely continue to play a significant role in enhancing the overall gaming experience for players. So next time you're playing a video game, take a moment to appreciate the cinematics and the effort put into creating these visually stunning and story-driven scenes that make video games more than just a game, but a form of interactive art.

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